Stock Overhaul

New Life for Your Tired Engine.

Whether you’re pulling your Z out of the garage for the first time in decades or the old girl is just starting to feel tired, Datsun Spirit is here to help you overhaul that stock engine and get your back to running just as Nissan intended – or better. We know SU Carburetors better than anyone else around, and can rebuild/tune them as needed. Fuel injected L28s often need some attention after years of neglect, and we’re happy to show them some TLC.

We can help retain the originality of the engine if desired, or assist in installing some ‘quality of life’ upgrades to make the classic car operate with a little more ease. 240z, 260z, 280z, 280zx, 510, 620… the list goes on. If it has an L-Series engine, bring it to us.

L24/L26 Overhaul Base Price : $4100*

L28 Overhaul Base Price: $3750*

*Note: E31, E88, and some early N42 cylinder heads came with brass intake valve seats intended for leaded-gas setup. These brass valve seats are, without exception, eroded and must be replaced. These heads are found on the 240z and 260z, and some early (1975) 280z’s. This is the reason for the higher price than the L28 Overhaul.


Crating & Shipping

DSI crates and ships engines per customers requests, either to local freight hubs to save cost, or directly to your door. Experience with shipping makes California look like it’s right out our back door.

FAQ, Engine Cores, and Horsepower
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions about our motors and additional modifications necessary for your new DSI motor. Additionally, please read about sending and obtaining Engine Cores, and our Note on Horsepower for why our stated horsepower figures are guidelines, not quotes.